Sitting on a tree branch, Suzi clutched her stomach, gasping for breath, laughing so hard she nearly fell out of the tree. The rabbits were back and Heidi was mad. All her lovely new plants… rabbit food. But the situation got even funnier when she called her dog Jack to chase away the furry varmints, and he Nonchalantly gave them a cursory look and meandered in the other direction. But it was the look on Heidi’s face that had her rolling and in tears. Finally able to catch her breath, Suzi wiped her cheeks and stood up. Taking her wand out of her bag she prepared to send a bolt of lightening to one of the furry little behinds hopping all over the garden.

Taking aim, Suzi flicked her wrist and a silver white streak of electricity arched out of her wand and zapped the bunny in the butt. But wait… what? The bunny just picked up its head, stared at her for a moment then went back to eating. Hmmm.. Suzi thought as she examined the business end of her wand, maybe it need more juice.

Once again taking aim, Suzi flicked a little harder. This time the arch of lightening was bigger and brighter,  leaving a big black whole where a newly planted flower used to be. Unfortunately the rabbit chose that moment to move and… well… she missed. Never one to give up, Suzi tried again, but this time on another rabbit.  “Damn!” she grumbled “ Missed again.”

Still not willing to give up Suzi decided that if she shot faster she had a better chance of hitting the rabbits. So flicking her wrist up and down she shots out bolt after bolt of electricity. But the rabbits still alluded her, and the more frustrated she became the harder she flicked, the bigger the bolt… and before she knew it, no more garden. As the smoke cleared Suzi surveyed the damage and loudly gulped. This is not going to end well she thought. But on the bright side, the rabbits wouldn’t bother Heidi any more, and the ground was all turned up to replant…

Heidi stepped out into the back yard, waving away the smoke. Looking at her garden, her mouth hung open and she stared in horror. Suzi really wanted to laugh at the look on her face, but then she noticed Heidi’s face turning a bright red… she knew that look. Searching the trees Heidi’s eyes flashed like daggers as she spotted Suzi.. “Oh Shi….ZAP!