As far back as I can remember I loved to write. From the creative writing class I took in high school to the Romance novel I was writing on lined paper, and kept hidden between the mattress and the box spring. When I wasn’t writing I was reading. You guessed it, Romance.. I started with Gothic Romance, then I joined a Harlequin book club and had the books delivered to my home. After that I got into paranormal romance, still my favorite. Taking a romance break I went into spiritual books and books about Angels. I think that’s why all my stories have an uplifting message and a happy ending.

With all the reading I was doing I had little time to write, until Twitter and Annie. Scrolling through Twitter I came upon these lovely photos with short poems attached, and I became intrigued. They belonged to a wonderful writer that went by the name @txstarkeeper. ( and still does). I found myself reading her pic poems and wanting to continue the story. My writing switch was clicked back on and it couldn’t be ignored. So finally getting up the nerve I reached out to Annie. To my happy surprise not only was she receptive to my ideas, but she took me under her wing and taught me how to be a better writer. She encouraged me and gave me the confidence to share my writing. Annie also introduced me to another amazing writer Heidi Barnes, and between the two of them I blossomed, and I grew as a writer. Now I’m a senior columnest at DowntowLA life magazine, and my journey continues.

Even though I’m a few month behind with my writing for Annie’s Writing outside the lines, the desire to express myself through the written world will always be strong inside me. It’s in my genes, my heart and my soul. And I will always be grateful to those who have been there from the start, the middle and those in the future. I can’t wait to see what’s next.