In a busy city filled with people of every  conceivable nationality, faith and economic status, four young boys began their journey into brotherhood. Four very different boys, all from very different ethnic backgrounds, Haitian,  Polynesian and American ( but looking really Irish). Each had their own traditions and way of life, yet universe saw fit to bring them all together, to allow them to re- form an ancient bond of family, to once again be brothers.

Meeting in middle school, they quickly formed a friendship, and in the summer before high school they became brothers. As teenagers, they all made unfortunate decisions to say the least, but they made them together and they had each other’s backs. Their personalities, all though very different, worked together like a well oiled machine.

Eddie was the groups voice of reason. Strong and calm, usually quiet, very tall for his age and well versed in martial arts, he was the body guard. But Eddie also had a special gift, beside a heart of pure gold he was a gifted musician. And he had a plan, a goal, and he didn’t stop until he saw it to fruition.

PJ was the warrior. Not really shy about bending the rules or ignoring them all to together, he had a deceptive sense of humor. His one liners were priceless and often, not always meaning to be, quit funny. His dream was to become a Marine. And although small in stature he made up for it in self confidence and balls -to-the- wall bravery.

Josh was the old soul. Having to grow up quickly, he had a maturity he hid behind a  sarcastic whit. And although he could be rough around the edges at times, he hid a secret. Highly intelligent with a heart made to heal, with calmness and assurance, he knew how to help those in need, and he did so without question or second thought.

And then there was Shaun. Growing up in a city, where curly orange hair, blue eyes and pale skin was most definitely not the norm, he always seemed to be able to transform himself into someone that appeared to effortlessly fit in. With the silver tongue of the Irish, he could talk his way in and out of pretty much anything. A quicksilver personality that allowed him to fit in where needed in order to survive. Yet, he was fiercely protective of his brothers, and let it be known.

As  individuals they all had very different dreams and goals, which as they grew into men, would geographically seperate them. But together they were a force to be  reckoned with. It didn’t matter that their skin was not the same color, or that their heritage was different. And although they would have very different lives,  they had one very important thing that bound them together… the love of brothers, a bond that began  many life times ago, and would continue on to the next.

Their furtures were as diverse as they were. Eddie worked very hard and saved enough money to buy an abandoned building, only to turn it into a music studio. Not only did he create and produce his special style of music, but he opened his heart and his talent to young musicians in the inner city who just needed a break. A place to hone their craft and to share their gift for music.

PJ enlisted in the military after high school and became the Marine he always wanted to be. He was well know for his intelligence, bravery and his innate toughness, not to mention a touch of recklessness. And as he worked his way up the ranks, he used his gifts well, marking his place in history.

Josh easily worked his way through college and medical school becoming a World renowned heart surgeon. But if truth be told, all he really wanted was to make a difference to those who needed it most. So packing up his black medical back and healthy fortune, he traveled to third world countries, healing the needy, saving lives, and making the difference he knew he could make.

Shaun, as always, did things a little differently.  Bouncing around from job to job, he finally found his passion. Adding that to his gifted tongue of gold and his ability to manipulate any given situation, he became a Lawyer. But not just any Lawyer, but a very competent,  undefeated, sought after Lawyer. He tried his hand at  corporate law, but that left him feeling empty. So he turned his attention to those who were unfairly judged and prosecuted. He fought for their freedom and always won.

The brothers four made a pact the  day  of graduation to meet wherever they could on the last day of June. Spending a weekend, they would use that time to catch up on their life, their loves, their growing families and their careers. But mostly, they used that time to reconnect as brothers. A bond that was created life times ago and could not be broken, and never would.