In one hand I held an envelope with my name neatly scrolled across the front. In the other hand I held a clear crystal bottle filled with a pink liquid that sparkled as it moved. Opening the envelope I removed the card inside. Written in the same swirling script,  were these simple words:

Pick a door

I stood in a clearing, surrounded by trees, and not a door in sight. Holding up the small bottle in my other hand, I had only to assume that if I drink what’s inside, the doors would appear. How would I know that? Not a clue… I just did. So dropping the card and envelope I uncorked the crystal bottle and drank down its contents..

After the world stop spinning and I could pick myself up off the ground, I looked across the clearing, and there stood nine wooden doors. Walking over to get a better look, I noticed each door had a wooden plaque nailed to it with the name of its destination. I read each one carefully, but only two caught my eye. The Realm of the Fairies, and The Truth about Vampires.

The light and the dark, good verses evil.. An age old choice, one we need to make every day.. Yet this was eternal, and no going back. So.. I broke it down in my mind, as I assumed it would be.

I started with the Fairey Realm. In my mind I could picture tiny little creatures fluttering around on gossamer wings. Crystal clear water falls sparked in the sunlight. The colors of the flowers, the green of the grass, and the towering trees.. Brighter, more colorful than you could possibly imagine. And the music, a happy, light melody, that fills ones soul with joy and laughter. A place of magic…

Ah but then..

The Truth About Vampires. Creatures of the night, said to possess a beauty unriveled by any other mystical creature. Alabaster skin, hypnotic black eyes that could take away your will with just a glance, stunningly beautiful faces that never aged, long flowing hair, perfect bodies, and the ability to do anything and everything faster than a mere mortal. Speed, strength, beyond perfect vision, flight, ability to heal in an instant, and eternal life. Living in the inky blackness of the night, the only light is that of the moon and the stars. Doing what you please, when you please, feeling more, hungry for all the things that can only be experienced in the dark.. Freedom from without rules or restrictions.. For ever

Standing before both doors, I closed my eyes and put myself in each place. After careful consideration, I made my mind up, I opened my eyes and reached for my door, pushing it opened I walked through and began my new life…

Where do YOU think I went?