Prompt 2.23. Hear Me

…know me…don’t just see me with your eyes… Jay Asher

Looking down from his golden tower, the King surveyed his newly  acquired land. With a self satisfied smirk he thought about how easy it had been to manipulate the  populous into believing his lies of creating a changed country and working for the people. Fools! he thought. Fingering the solid gold coin he always kept in his pocket, he gave a  cursory  glance at the bell he had put up at the base of the long, steep stairs leading to his golden tower. He  had to make it look as though he cared about what the people thought, so he hung a bell that could be rung if anyone needed to speak with him. But the king, being who he was, made the bell much to high to reach,  rendering it useless… nothing more than mere decoration.

Getting ready to turn from the window, the sound of the bell ringing caught his attention and he quickly turned back to get a better look. Grabbing his  binoculars, he scanned the stairway until he came to the last step. Standing beneath the bell stood a young woman, patiently waiting for a reply from the King. Filled with rage, his Highness leaned out the window.

“Who dares to  disturb me by ringing that bell!”His bellowing voice could be heard throughout the land. So consumed by his self importance and anger over being asked to do his job, he failed to wonder how the bell was rung bye such a small person.

“My name is Gabriel your highness, and I represent the people.” Although her reply was softly spoken, the wind carried it to the King so it would be heard. “We have concerns about the choices that you are making, and how they are affecting us all. We would like to speak with you if we may”

Looking through his binoculars, he scanned the land once again, but she was the only person standing under the bell. Deciding to pay no attention to one single peasant, who in his mind was obviously confused, he layed his binoculars down and walked away. Knowing this would be the Kings response, Gabriel began to make the long journey up the very high stairs.

As she began the long climb  Gabriel started to speak. Her words echoed inside his head as though she was standing beside him. Covering his ears, the King tried to silence her words, but to no avail.

“You can not run, you will not hide… We the people will be heard. I may be just one, but I am the vessel that carries the voices of the many, and we ask that you hear us.”

Running back to the window, the now terrified King stood in horror and watched as Gabriel made her way up the stairs. With each step a new voice could be heard, and Gabriel seemed to grow in size.

” … We are the children who’s only meal is lunch at school. Why do you wish to take that from us? Don’t we deserve  nourishment so we can learn and grow?”

“… We are the seniors who built this country and fought for your freedom. Why do wish to take away our only source of food, and for some of us the only human contact we receive”

… We are the poor and the disabled, and even though we try to survive, you want to take away our health insurance which provides us with our only source of medical care. Why?”

…. We are the LGBTQ community. All we want are the rights we fought so hard for, and to not live in fear of violence and death just because we choose to live our truth. Why are we being punished?”

…. We are the Muslims and other religious communities being  persecuted for who we choose to pray too, and being blamed for crimes we didn’t commit. Why are we not being  protected?”

…We are women. We have the right to make our own  decisions about what we do with our own bodies. It’s our right to choose how we protect ourselves against unwanted pregnancies and other medical issues. You have no business in our personal health choices,  so why are you trying to control what we do with our bodies?”

…We are the children of  immigrants who have committed no crimes. Our families work hard so we can have a chance to live a life of freedom and safety. Why are you sending us away?”

On and on the citizens spoke, and with each group of people Gabriel’s  grew in size until she was greater than the Kings golden tower. As the voices finally ceased, Gabriel reached into the tower and picked up the King, who layed huddled on floor, quaking in fear.

In a single voice created from the unity of many, Gabriel spoke again.

” Know me…. don’t just see me with your eyes. Hear me… don’t just pretend to listen. You will not destroy all I have fought to achieve. I am many, yet I am one. I will fight for all that I have gained, and nothing and no one will take that away. So hear my offer… correct your mistakes and remember that you work for me. Or take your court that you have filled  with demons and fools, and leave this country.”

Dropping the King onto the ground, he  scurried off as fast as he could away from Gabriel. Laughing softly, she slowly began to shrink back down to her former size, waiting to see what would happen next. To no surprise, the now defeated King,  left his golden  castle with his unholy court, never to be seen or heard from again.

The sound of the people’s cheers  reverberated throughout the country as they celebrated their defining victory. A new leader was voted upon and she ruled with fairness, strength and equality for all.

As for Gabriel, she returned to her quiet life  amongst the animals and the trees, living in peace… but she kept her eyes and ears on the country she so loved, always ready to return to service should the need arise…





Prompt 2.22

Sometimes only paper will listen to you.

My Aunt Lucy was always a little “different”, or so the relatives would say. Personally I rather enjoyed her  eccentricity . She was so free, and I envied that. I spent as much time as I could with her growing up.

It broke my heart when she passed over, but she made sure to leave behind a very special gift. It was a book, but not any book, this book was magic. And only those who believed would be shown its special gifts. Fortunately, I believed..

For the non believer, when you opened its leather bound cover all you would see was what looked like faded yellow pages, blank and stained with age. But to the believer… that’s where the magic began. Aunt Lucy explained that before you opened the book, you needed to repeat these words

“Sometimes only the words will listen to you”

Then taking the ancient feathered pen, you dipped it into the inkwell, closing your eyes and visualizing your question, you then took the pen and pressed it to the blank paper. As the ink bled, it formed the words that would answer your thoughts, written in perfect script until it was done. You had two minutes to read the answer, and then the words would fade, and once again the page would be blank.

The information you received was never wrong, but there was a warning that came with asking for the truth. It wasn’t always what you wanted to hear, and the more you asked of it the stronger it became, and the more you were drawn to use use it. If one wasn’t careful, it could take over your life… and it had, one generation after the other. With great knowledge comes great responsibility. And as Aunt Lucy used to say Even though sometimes only the paper will listen to you, be careful what you ask it. Some answers to certain questions should remain left to divine timing.. some things just aren’t meant to be known before their time. 

I took those words very seriously, and decided to take this magic book and lock it away. I would save it for another time, maybe for the next generation. And maybe, just maybe, I would seek its truth. But not today.




Prompt 2.21

…old memories of pleasure…Maya Angelou

The smell of  his Aramis  that would cling to my clothes after he held me in his arms.

The taste of his kiss as his lips took control of mine, and our tongues danced in the ancient rhythm of our shared passion.

The feel of his finger tips as he outlined the curves and hollows of my hungry body.

The rise and fall, the give and take, sweat rolling off our heated bodies as we loved for hours on end.

The sound of desire, calling out his name, moaning and begging for more..climaxing as my teeth dug into his shoulders, screaming in surrender.

Deep cleansing  breaths, murmmering words of love, gentle strokes of passion worn bodies…

Old memories of pleasure that will never be forgotten, kept locked inside the secret place I hold in my heart… only for you… always you…


“…with dreams inside my eyes…”Mary Oliver

The devastation lay everywhere, total…complete. What was once my home was now  nothing more than a pile of brick and rubble. I walked through the debre, looking for something, but I’m not sure what, I just know I need to find it. In the distance I hear a low, steady beeping sound that just keeping getting louder and louder, until it reaches my conscience mind and my eyes pop open. Hitting the off button on he radio, I grown loudly and roll over. I hate that damn dream, yet every night it haunts my sleep and shadows my mind during the day.

The smell of coffee motivates me to get out of bed, as I slide into my slippers and shuffle into the kitchen to pour myself  a cup of sanity. The images of the dream keep flashing through my head, and the feelings of fear and sadness echo along side of them. Doing my best to shake of the feeling of doom, I finish getting dressed and go back into the bathroom to do my hair and make up. As I apply my mascara with steady strokes, I stop for a moment and look into the eyes of the woman looking back at me. The dream that has been haunting my nights, is reflected in my eyes, and it leaves me looking tired and troubled. Closing my eyes to the disturbing image,  I take a moment to breathe in deeply, slowly letting out my breath, taking the fear with it.

Two more deep breaths, and I’m ready to face the image before me. Opening my eyes, I once again confront the woman before me and I tell her what I tell her every day since the dream started.

“There is nothing you cannot handle. You will take this giant leap of faith, and you will not fall. You have wings to fly and you will soar through the clouds on your way to the top. “

The clouds began to clear from my eyes as I straightened my spine and I head out the door. The dreams would stop as soon as my heart beat in time with my head. I know everyday I grow stronger in my belief, and as I finally let go of the last thread of resistance, and give in to my faith completely, my new dream will reflect in my eyes, and the future I’m trying so hard to manifest will begin.

Dawn Moon…Prompt 2.19

Answering the call of full Moon, she stood in the field, naked as the day she was born. The ray of light shining on her like a spotlight shines on an actor in the middle of as an empty stage. Feeling the fire, she dropped  to the ground, bones cracking, muscles contorting, body re-shaping.

Standing on all fours, she howled  her greeting to the moon, signaling her readiness to play. Laughing softy the moon replied “Run my little one and see if you can hide. Maybe tonight will be the night.”And with that, she ran.

Doing her best to stay in the shadows, she darted in-between the massive trees, or the little wolf would drop to her belly and crawl amongst the ferns, and playfully sticking out her paw, just outside the line of the moonbeam. Hour after hour as the moon slowly moved across the sky, the little wolf dared the moon to find her, and the moon answered her dare with a few tricks of her own.

As all good things must come to an end, so must their games, for just around the horizon was the rising sun. The little wolf had stopped to rest, falling asleep in the open field, unaware that the moon was bathing her in its waning light. Feeling the warmth of the morning sun, the little wolf was no longer, in her place was her human form. Standing up, she stretched her body, reaching her arms towards the sky. Laughing softly, she glanced over her shoulder, still hanging in the sky was the moon, not ready to end their play.

“I see you my friend, hanging in the Dawn sky, my Dawn moon. Rest, for tonight we shall play again, two out of three” Humming softly, the moon gave her a wink and watched as faded into the forest. “Tonight my little one”


Prompt 2.18

“….show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Anton Chekhov

Sliding along the edge of the building, making sure she kept to the shadows, Grace inched her way to the metal door to her right. Just a few more feet and she would be inside. Feeling for the  doorknob, she grasped it in her hand and slowly turned it.    With a slight push of her butt Grace pushed the door open just enough to slide into the room and then quietly closed it behind her.

Taking a moment she scanned the darkened room, looking for any movement that didn’t belong. Sensing no other presence, Grace began to walk through the room, searching for the portal that would take her home. She just  couldn’t take another day in this country, this land that used to be the home of the free, a place to make your dreams come true. It was now a baron land, filled with hate and greed, led by a narcistic man fueled by the need to control, ruling with an iron fist.

Grace  was sent to this country as an ambassador of peace between her species and the humans of the Earth. They had chosen the United States because of the possibilities and hope it had offered all who lived there. So taking on the likeness of the humans, she brought with her a group of twenty four souls and incorporated their life with those of the planet Earth. They lived in peace for many years, working together, inter marrying and living life as one people.. until the evil one took power.

One by one, they were hunted down and destroyed, until there was just one.. Grace was the last of her species and she had to leave before it was to late. Finding the building the portal was in was a long and arduous journey, but after many long days and even longer nights, she found what she was looking for. .. the portal home.

The object itself was a full length, free standing oval mirror, with an antique wooden frame. Taking out her flashlight and keeping it low, she scanned the room until she found what she was searching for. Quickly moving towards the mirror, Graces heart started beating rapidly, knowing she was almost there, only to be stopped dead in her tracts by the sight before her. Looking down at her feet lay the glass from the mirror, shattered.. How can this be? she cried out in her mind. no! Dropping to her knees, she reached out in front of her and picked up a large peace of glass. Hanging her head, she did her best to stifle the sob that was burning in her chest. No! This can’t be. I’m going home. I’ve come too far and I will not give up!

Gathering together her courage and her resolve, Grace began the arduous task of putting the mirror back together, piece by piece. Working  as quickly and carefully as possible, she completed her task, praying the whole time it would still contain the power to send her home. Standing in front of the mirror, she viewed the fractured image of herself, and silently cried for all that was lost. Knowing she was rapidly running out of time, she called upon the light that she carried inside her to flow through her hands, in turn activating the energy of the glass to open the portal. Nothing… Taking a deep breath, she tried again. Once again nothing happened. Then she remembered, she needed the power of the others, she couldn’t do it alone. Filled with despair, she dropped to the floor and allowed her grief to wash over her, but only for a moment. Feeling a stir in the air around her, Grace began to notice the energy of her lost race surround her. One by one, joining together to create a stronger, more powerful energy. A light began to form in the broken glass and it grew until each piece glowed a brilliant white.

Graces mind was filled with the voices of her lost brethren, speaking to her in the voice of one. ” Go home our sister and rest. You have fought the good fight. Re- build your strength, for you will be called upon to return to this planet and fight once more, bringing with you an army of many. And together,  with those of this earth, you shall lead mankind into victory. Winning over the evil that is spreading its poison. Love will over come, defeating the Evil one, and peace, acceptance, joy and oneness will become the way of life. Go now sister, you are out of time”

No sooner were the words spoken, the metal door came crashing down, and the pounding of heavy boots echoed through the empty room. Wasting no more time, Grace leapt  to her feet and jumped through the mirror, saftley making it to the other side. Making sure she couldn’t be followed she destroyed the portal from her side, and then proceeded to drop to ground in sheer exhaustion and pure relief.

Grace knew she would return, there was still many battles to be won before the war was through. But she had faith in the humans, especially those who lived in America, and  that thought made her smile. The women in particular were especially strong leaders, and quite frankly a force to be wreckened with. She looked forward to the return trip and the renewed fight. But for now, a bit of a rest was in order, for tomorrow was another day.


Prompt 2.17

Let America be America again…

I was born in 1961 in Connecticut, USA.  I was still very young during a lot of the Vietnam War, Woodstock and Martin Luther King. I honestly don’t remember much of the social or the political upheaval that was going on as I grew up, I guess my parents sheltered me and my siblings from the worst of it. I mostly remember my pixie haircut, lovebeads, cat eyedframed glasses and the number one fashion rule that stated to Never wear stripes and flowers at the same time. 

I never paid much attention to politics, my nose was always in a book, usually some sort of Gothic Romance. And when I wasn’t reading I was singing and dancing because I loved music. In school I spent my time sticking up for those kids who were always picked on for being different. I wasn’t popular because of that, but I really didn’t care, I was able to help those who needed it. And there was the music department and concert choir, it was all good.

But the one thing I learned as a child, and still carry with me to this day is simply this: It doesn’t matter what race, creed or color you are, what your religious or sexual preferences are,  what your economic  circumstances are.. none of that matters. What’s important is we are all one.. we are The Human Race, creations of our higher power. And in America we are made up of many different people, from many different places, and we are all welcome, or at least we should be. This country is far from perfect, and some of our leaders leave much to be desired.. but as a people, reguardless of who’s supposed to be running the country, our core is one of universal acceptance and love. We are supposed to be the beacon of hope and dreams, and I pray we will continue to fight for our core principals.

The war for what is right and just is beginning in earnest, but I know our inner lights will shine, and love will prevail. We will make America what it should be, what it can be… what it will be.

Prompt 2.16 Another world

A misty night, a darkened Castle set on the top of a cliff over looking a turbulent sea. A man, dark and brooding, waiting for me.. wanting me.

Another time, another place.. a different reality lived through the magical world in a book. I’ve always been an advid reader, finding adventure, romance, and a place I could be anyone but me, anyplace but where I was, living a life that wasn’t mine. I found my freedom in someone elses words and stories, and I loved being there.

Because of the joy I found in books, I began to want to create my own stories, so I started to write. Always a romance with a mandatory happy ending, and a life lived happily ever after. To this day when I write you will always find a happy ending in my stories. Everyone deserves one of those.

Books have always been my happy place. It’s where I have always gone to find peace from my reality. The words inside would take me to a place where I could be someone else, someplace else. There were times when reading became my life line, the only thing that kept me sane.

As I grew and matured I began to read non- fiction books, mostly books on Angels and spirituality. Those books gave me strength in a different way, and they helped me shape the new stories I wrote. Still with a happy ending, but now with a positive message to take with you. I learned to write in a way that made the reader feel what I was feeling. Wether it be happy, or sad, excited or scared, I made you feel. And that’s was my job.. that is my job. And always… a happy ending.