I breathed you in like a summer wind.

I opened my eyes, and the face of what appeared to be a very attractive Angel, halo and all, filled my vision. I just layed there on the hard pavement  and stared, my brain refusing to focus on anything accept what was before me. “Miss?” I blinked once, then twice. “Miss? Are you all right?” That voice.. Trying  to find my own, I made an attempt at an intelligible response. ” I’m not sure..” I mumbled. Leaning forward, the mysterious Angel again asked me if I was ok. Taking a deep breath I allowed his scent to fill my nose. Oh my God, he even smelled like heaven. Feeling his hands touching my arms and legs, checking for broken bones I imagine, my body decided it was time to wake up my head, especially when his hands hit my ankle.

Letting out a shriek, I sat up fast and grabbed my leg. “I take it that hurt” That voice again. Normally I would respond with biting sarcasm, but I just couldn’t bring myself to be mean to my mysterious  Angel touching my body. Trying to hold back the tears I nodded in affirmation and sniffed. Crouching down beside me he scooped me up and stood. Wrapping my arms around his neck I snuggled into his embraced, marveling at his strength, and in all honesty, taking a wee bit advantage of his carrying me. Who doesn’t like to be carried by a strong, handsome man. Walking me over to the park bench he gently set me down, then sat beside me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He had the brightest blue eyes and the blondest hair I had ever seen. It literally glowed in the sunlight.

“My name is Gabriel, may I ask you yours?” It was so hard to think with him sitting beside me. Taking a deep breath, all I could smell was… him. I had  no words to describe his scent, and I breathed him in like a summer breeze, all warm and fragrant. “My name is Alexa” I said. “So Alexa” he asked ” How did you land on your back in middle of the side walk?” Thinking about it, I remembered rushing to try and catch a taxi. The next thing I knew I was on the ground.  Looking down at my feet I noticed one shoe  was missing its heel. “Hmmm” I responded ” I think maybe this explains it” Reaching down I gingerly took off my right shoe and handed it to Gabriel. “Ah…” he said ” That will do it” Handing me back my shoe I reached down and took off the left one. By now my ankle was really starting to throb and I winced. “You need to get home and put some ice on that. Do you live far from here? Shaking my head no, Gabriel stood up and once again lifted me into his arms.    Ah.. heaven. ” Lead the way my lady”  Pointing down the street I once again settled into his embrace and let him carry me home.

Before I knew it I was settled on the couch , pillow under my leg, and an ice bag on my ankle. Handing me two pain relievers and a glass of water, I drank them down then handed the glass back to him.  Taking the blanket I kept on the couch Gabriel tucked me in and leaned down to placed a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Sleep now Alexa” he quietly spoke. “But I’m not tired!” I replied “And I really want to thank you for all your help…”

The next thing I knew it was morning, and Gabriel was no where in sight. I didn’t bother bother calling out to him because I knew he wasn’t there. I sat up and gingerly tested my ankle… no pain, as if the fall never happened. Smiling sadly to myself I couldn’t help thinking Finally, the perfect guy and he wasn’t even real. Hearing a soft knock on the door, my breath stilled in my chest. Or was he…







If a story is in you….

Barefoot and dressed in her loose fitting white cotton tunic and baggy pants, Aliyah soundlessly crossed what she called her quiet room, and settled on her meditation disk. Arranging her body into Lotus position,  she took three deep cleansing breaths, clearing her mind and entered that space that allowed her to communicate with the Elders. Her body rose five inches above the disk as it became weightless, and her mind called out to the council.

“I call to the Great Elders  to answer my plea. For I am in need of your guidance”

“We are with you our child, how may we help you?”

“Thank you kind elders.” Clearing her throat Aliyah continued ” You have named me the keeper of the truth, and now that I have come of age, it is my turn to take over this most important task. I have read The Book of Truth in preparation for the transference ceremony, yet there is something that troubles me.”

“And what would that be?”

Aliyah felt a fision of fear creep up her spine, but she continued. ” Well.. um.. It is the Truth. In reading the Books words I felt…untruth.” The room began to shake and a great rumbling filled her mind.

“How DARE you question the words of the Book!”  The Elders were furious. “Explain yourself!” Aliyah was terrified. She had never heard the Elders angry, and she was beginning to question her wisdom in coming  to them about her doubts.

“I’m so sorry”  she stammered “I meant no disrespect, but there has been whispering in the wind and voices telling me that what we have been taught is not what truly is. ” Swallowing her fear she continued “I know I should never question our teachings, but the voices sited many examples, and I’m feeling confused” Bowing her head Aliyah waited.

“Who do these voices belong to?!” Thundered the Elders.

“They call themselves the Collective” she whispered in response. Again she waited, tears welling up in her eyes from the terror of the moment. “Leave us now Book Keeper. We need to confer as to what is to be done about this and about you. NOW GO!!” The meeting was so upbruptly ended that Aliyah dropped the five inches that she had  levitated, and landed hard on her behind. Feeling dazed and more than a little confused, she stood rubbing her now sore bottom and left the quiet room.

Stepping into the Clothes Changer, Aliyah selected pants and a shirt from the digital screen, and stood in the center of the tube as the doors swished closed and the walls began to spin. Seconds later, wearing her new outfit she headed out to the stables. Needing to ride her winged horse, she made the clinking sound that she used to call him, and moments later he trotted over to her. Lowering his head she buried her face into his soft hair, hugging him.  Sensing  her distress,  he gently bumped her, then lowered himself so she could climb on his back. Once settled he stood on all fours and waited for her command.

“Ok Hercules” Aliyah said, patting the side of his neck “Run.. just run” And with that, he took off into a full gallop as she lowered her body and grabbed on to his mane. Together as one they ran over the hills and valleys, eating up the distance as if it were nothing. Not wanting to exhaust her horse, she slowed him down as soon as she saw the river. It was her favorite place to think and be alone with her thoughts. Dropping down once again, she slid off his back and stepped away so he could stand. “Thank you Hercules”. Giving him a gentle pat she watched as he took to the sky, then she made her way to her spot by the river bend.

Sitting with her back against her favorite tree she called The Book of Truth to her, and after it materialized in her lap, Aliyah  called forth the pen of knowledge. Only this pen could be used to write in The Book, and it was her turn as the new keeper to make any small changes that needed to be made. But this time the changes were anything but small, and what she now suspected to be the truth would change life as her people knew it.

Tapping her pen across the blank Aliyah debated what to write, or even if she should write. She was chosen at birth to be the next keeper of the Book of Truth, and it was her responsibility to uphold the truth. But the words that have been in the book for centuries, and have been followed by her people, were lies. Yet if she rewrote the Truth as it should be, life as they knew it would be forever changed.

Laying her aching  head back against the tree, Aliyah closed her eyes and called out to the collective. Feeling a shift of energy around her, she opened her eyes and saw a shimmer in the air just before a man materialized. Tall and slender, with long blonde hair the color of the sun and eyes a shade of blue that would rival the brightest sky, “Greetings Aliyah” His voice  reminded her of liquid gold. “You have questions”. Sitting down before her he reached out his hand, and with his two fingers he touched her forehead. “This should help.” Images of  the real truth flashed through her mind in rapid  succession, and her mind absorbed the new information as quickly as it could. “Now it’s time to write. ” and with  that being said he was gone.

Picking up the pen Aliyah began to write the real Truth, not stopping until it was complete. Finally closing the book with a big sigh, she sent the book and pen back to its place of rest. Knowing the Elders would read what was written, she waited for for the summons…. she did not have to wait long.

Standing before the Elders, Aliyah was strangely calm. “We have read what you have written in the The Book of Truth” the  Head Elder said “What do you have to say for yourself” Standing tall and straight, feeling confident in her truth, she simply replied “I wrote the Real Truth, not what you Elders have been feeding us for centuries. It’s time for a change. Is it not my responsibility as the keeper of the Book to tell the Truth?” The sir began to vibrate and thunder echoed across the land. ” You have defiled the Book of Truth!   roared the Elder.” And for that you will be cast into the outer land to live out the rest of your days. You are no longer welcome here” Looking the Elder straight in the eyes Aliyah responded “As you wish”

Standing outside the gates of what used to be her home Aliyah turned to look back one last time. No regrets she thought. And hiking her backpack onto her back, Aliyah headed down an unfamiliar road. But she walked forward with confidence. She had a story to tell, and it was The Truth. And she would spread it far and wide. After all, she was the keeper  of The Book of Truth.






Falling off the wagon. 2.9

Thirty years… It had been thirty years since she had seen him last, and her heart still pounded in her ears like the first time. As he turned to look at her, he held her eyes, and feeling like a deer caught in the headlights, Courtney couldn’t look away.. couldn’t move. Adam… A look of recognition flickered in his eyes, and that slow sexy smile crossed his face. Turning in her direction he began to walk towards her. The bar was crowded, but the people seemed to part, leaving him a clear path, automatically moving for him because his energy demanded it.

Courneys palms began to sweat, and her hands began to shake, so grabbing her wine glass with both hands became a necessity. Licking her lips, quaking in fear, and to be honest, anticipation, she stood and waited.  Reaching his quarry Adam stopped a hairs breath in front of her and bent to whisper in her ear. She almost missed what he had said because the heat from his warm breath was creating havoc with her body.

“Hello beautiful” he whispered in that deep gravelly voice she remembered so well. “So good to see you” Forcing herself to step back so she could breathe, Courtney did he best to get her voice out

“Hello Adam. It’s been a while” Leaning back in, he once again spoke in her ear. “I’m staying at the Meriott on Central. Would you be willing to meet me at the bar there, so we could catch up. It’s too noisy here, and I’ve missed you”

Warning bells started going off in her head like a four alarm fire, memories of what used to be started flashing through her head, her body breaking out in a sweat, her panties growing damp. “Run!”The smart side of her screamed. “Hes like drugs to a drug addict, and it nearly killed you when he left you the last time. DONT. DO. THIS!

Seeing the emotions running across her face, Adam reached out and with the tip of his finger, traced the outline of her jaw, “Please.. it’s just conversation.” Nodding her consent Courtney was rewarded with his smile, as he warm hand gently cupped her elbow and guided her out the door. Once out in the parking lot, Courtney tried to regain a semblance of control. Removing herself from his grasp she put a bit of space between them.

“I’ll take my own car and meet you there” she said in a husky voice. “As you wish” he replied. Walking Courtney to her car, he leaned acrossed her and opened the car door. The smell of his aftershave filled her senses and she felt like she was on fire. “I’ll see you in a few minutes. Drive carefully” he murmered. To insure her compliance, he gently kissed her on the forehead and walked across the parking lot to his shiny new Mercedes Benz.

Adam always had to have the best that money could buy. He worked hard to earn his considerable wealth, and now that he was beyond rich, he played equally as hard. The newest cars, the biggest, most elegant apartments, the finest clothes and the most beautiful women. So what he saw in her Courtney could never understand.

They met in their early twenties, he in college, she working behind the counter in the coffee shop next to the campus. There was a chemistry between them from the minute they met, and it wasn’t long before their romance began. Even then their passion was like an inferno, but life took him in a different direction, leaving her devastated and alone. It took a long time getting over him, and in  all honesty there was a part of her that could never let go completely. Eventually Courtney met and married a very kind and safe man, they had two kids and their little house with the white picket fence. As time went by and the kids grew up and left home, her marriage settled into a comfortable friendship. There was no sex between them, as the spark went out years ago. And just having her fifty fifth birthday, she was ok with that, not really caring anymore. So it was a complete shock to her when she reacted so strongly to seeing Adam again.

Sitting in her car she debated with herself, “It’s just a drink and conversation” she reasoned ” what harm can there  be in that” But on the other side she argued “But you know he still has that power over you, can you say no?” Deciding she’d take the chance she started the car and headed to the hotel. Taking a deep breath she did her best to steady her nerves, thanking the heavens it was a short drive, and she didn’t have time to change her mind.

Heading into the hotel bar,  Courtney searched the room for Adam. Not seeing him she walked up to the bar and spoke with the bartender. “Excuse me” she said “But I’m looking for a gentleman…” and before she finished speaking the bartender interrupted ” You must be Courtney” he said as he slid a plastic card used to open a hotel room door. “The gentleman asked me to give this to you. He also asked me to apologize for not meeting you down here himself,  but he had an important business call he had to take, and he hoped you wouldn’t mind meeting him in his room” Feeling a blush heat up her cheeks, she thanked the bartender as she took the card and headed for the elevator.

Looking at the number on the key card, Courtney noticed it was for the  presidential suite on the very top floor. Never seeing a room that would  assuredly be grander than she could imagine, she felt her excitement go up another notch. The ride up felt like it took no time at all, and before she knew it the elevator door swished open and she stepped out. Standing outside the elegant oak paneled doors, Courtney began to shake again. “Oh Lord” she thought “What have I gotten myself into?”

Slipping the card into the key slot she let herself in, only to stop dead in her tracks. Looking around at what had to be the most elegant rooms she had ever seen. But what really drew her attention  was the view from the long bank of windows. The city lights lit up the skyline and it was breath taking.  She could hear Adams voice coming from another room and assumed he was on the phone, so Courtney crossed the living room and stood staring out the window at the amazing view.

So ingrossed in the view before her, Adams voice startled her as it came from behind her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” Jumping slightly she turned towards him. “Yes it is” she answered. Handing her a glass of wine Courtney thanked him and she took a deep sip. “Hmmm..” she said “This is very good” Looking Adam over she noticed he was drinking scotch neat, no doubt a very expensive brand. He had taken off his tie and unbuttoned several buttons on his shirt. He had aged so well, even more handsome than when he was in his Twenties. Oh, she’d seen photos of him in newspapers and magazines throughout the years, but in person…

Taking her elbow he led her to the couch “Let’s sit” he prompted. Smiling lightly she allowed him to guide her to her seat and as she sat down she nervously took another sip of wine. Needing the wine to calm her nerves she took another long sip and finished the glass. Adam being the gentleman that he was immediately refilled it.  “So Adam” Courtney began “What brings you back home?” Finishing his scotch he pouring  himself another. “Business mostly.” He answered “But I must confess, some pleasure too”.  The look in his eyes as he said that sent her body into overdrive. Oh dear heaven, she thought, I’m in trouble. Putting down her wine glass she asked to use the bathroom and quickly made her escape.  Normally she would have marveled at the elegance and sheer size of the bathroom, but all she could do at the moment was try and control her panic. This was a mistake she thought, I really shouldn’t be here. But my God I want him!

Looking in the mirror, she couldn’t help but notice the flush of her cheeks, partly due from the wine, the rest from the heat pulsating through her body. Closing her eyes Courtney once again battled for control, but she knew it was was going to be a loosing battle. The scent of his aftershave alerted   her to his presents, a second before the feeling of his arms as he wrapped her body in his embrace. His warm lips skimmed the side of neck, as the tip of his tongue drew circles on the quivering nerve endings on her sensitized skin. He always knew how and where to touch here, that appearently hadn’t changed. Tipping her head back she groaned in surrender as he continued his sensual assault. Turning her body to face him, he gently pressed his hips against hers, letting her feel his desire. Capturing her face in his hands he slowly lowered his head and gently kissed the corners of her mouth. “Courtney?” He questioned.

Her heart was pounding and she struggled to breathe. “Adam, I’m married” she whispered. “Odviously not happily” he replied “Or you wouldn’t be here. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do, but Courtney, you should know, part of the reason I came back was for you.” Sucking in her breath her head spun with this new information. “I need to kiss you Courtney” No longer able to fight her desire,  she lifted her lips to meet his and as he lowered his head and his lips met hers, their worlds exploded. Heat and fire rocketed through their bodies as their passion consumed them both. Her nails dug in deep, his hips pounded, their voices echoed in unison, sweat streaming, labored breathing, each reaching their peak time after time. The night went on forever, yet it wasn’t long enough. Each and every room was made love in until exhaustion took over in the bed room. There they fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

The morning light woke Courtney, and she stretched out her arm to feel for Adam, but all she felt was empty space. Tears began to stream down her cheeks as she once again felt the pain of his loss. “Damn!” She thought “Not again!” Then another thought crossed her mind, her husband. She never came home. How was she supposed to explain this. Sitting up in bed she dropped her head in her hands and she allowed her pain to rack her body. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more the bedroom door opened and Adam walked in carrying a tray full of food and two cups of coffee. Putting the tray at the bottom of the bed Adam reached for Courtney and held her  in his arms. Conversation wasn’t necessary, they knew. This time was different, he was going to stay and she was going to let him. They would work out the details later, for now it was all about them. This time it was going to last.


Us. Prompt 2.28

The heat they created was almost unbearable.

Sweat dripping down, breathing labored, moaning with indescribable desire..

Bodies beating in a pulsating  rythm… Pounding desire… inability to stop

Over and over the sex  takes control… ruling the mind, taking over the body.

Her Lycan lover… her life mate… no control, no need, feeling the hunger, begging for more.”

“I am dying” she told  him

laughing softly..

“Darling, we are all dying” was his reply

“Are you ready” he growls

“Yessss” she moans

The Man in the Window. 2.27

The city was a busy place. Thousands of people rushing around, weaving in and out of the human traffic, never really seeing who they were passing on the street.  No one spoke, no one cared, heads down, ear phones plugged in, electronics the only  apparent means of communication. Sometimes I’d find a seat at my favorite cafe and just watch the scene before me. People moving as if someone turned on the fast forward switch as I stood still.

Today was one of those days I had decided to be a voyeur. Finding an empty chair on the patio of the Cafe, I ordered a bottled water and settled in for the show. The usual cast of caracters rushed by, The pinstriped suited businessman rapidly giving orders into his wireless headphones, probably to some harried secretary on the other end. The young mother trying to navigate the stroller with a crying baby in it while desperately grabbing  the hand of her  rambunctious three year old. The group of young teens wearing black hoodies, earbuds hanging from their ears, pants riding half way down their asses, taking up most of the sidewalk.

Changing my focus, I decided to look up at the brick apartment buildings across the street. Nothing unusual really, a few opened windows allowing in the warm breeze, curtains fluttering. A black and white cat sits in the sun leisurely grooming itself, and two windows over an elderly man sits in the window head in his hands. I have seen this man before, but today there was something different. His thinning grey hair was messy and out of place, and his sleeveless t-shirt looked stained and wrinkled, like he hadn’t changed it in a long time. But what concerned me the most was the lost  and vacant look on his face. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and the longer I looked the pull to go to him grew stronger until I could no longer sit.

Working my way across the street,  I approached the doorman of the old mans building and proceeded to ask about about the man in the window.  His name was Mr Overton  and he and wife had lived in the building for at least thirty years, that is until about a month ago, when Mrs Overton passed on. He hadn’t left the building since. My heart felt like it was breaking in a million pieces and I knew I had to find a way to help him.   Slipping the doorman a twenty, I asked if I could come back and visit Mr Overton. Taking the twenty he nodded his consent, “I will  be right back”.

Stepping into the Deli next door I asked the owner if he knew Mr.Overton, and if so what he liked to eat. He did indeed know him and made for me his signature hot  pastrami on rye with Swiss cheese, sourkraut, and his secret sauce.  Picking out a drink I made my purchase and headed back to Mr Overtons building.

With the apartment number in hand I headed up to the second floor, found his apartment door, took a deep breath and knocked. Standing on one foot and then the other I stood waiting for a response… nothing. So I knocked again, but this time a little louder. Putting my ear to the door I heard a faint shuffling, when all the sudden the door flew open, and I jumped back, a little startled.

Standing on the other side of the door was a very annoyed Mr Overton. “What!”he snapped. Taken a little aback I replied “I’m sorry to disturb sir, but… SLAM! I backed up just before the door slammed in my face. Never one to give up I knocked again. “Please Mr Overton, I just want to help you.” Waiting a few more minutes the door opened again. Taking advantage of this new opportunity I quickly spoke “Look! I brought you your favorite sandwich. Can I please come in?” Stepping back, He allowed me to enter the apartment and I handed him his sandwich. ” Its your favorite” I told him. Taking the food from my outstretched han,  he growled his thanks and sat at the table to eat. “I hope you like ice tea” I said as I handed him his drink.

Sitting in silence as he ate,  I took a moment to quickly glance around the apartment. Days old dishes sat in the sink, empty cans  of ravioli, soups and other assorted quick foods littered the kitchen counters. Turning to look at the living room I saw stacks of newspapers covering the coffee table in front of the tattered old couch. A layer of thick dust covered the end tables, and dust bunnies danced across the hard wood floor as the breeze came through the open window.  Further into the livingroom I spotting photograph on a round table covered in a faded blue tablecloth. Standing up I turned to Mr Overton “May I? ” I asked as I pointed to the photos. Nodding his permission, I walked over to the table and began to look at Mr Overtons life.  Realizing this was the perfect opportunity to open dialog I began to ask him about the people in the pictures. At first he was hesitant to answer, but as I began to tailor the question in a way that needed explaination to answer, he began to tell me about his life.

He spoke of his parents as I held the faded black and white photo of them in the tarnished silver frame. We laughed about the antics he and his brother got into as children whilst holding the picture of two young boys hanging off a tree. With each photograph came a wonderful story, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. As he shared with me the memories  of his rich and fascinating life, I noticed a group of pictures he avoided talking about. In the  very center of the table stood a gold filigree frame with a black and white photo of a lovely woman in what looked like her early twenties. As I reached for the picture Mr Overton grabbed it away and held it to his chest. Taken aback I apologized “I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to upset you.” Clearing his throat he just stood stairing at the picture, his faded blue eyes filling with tears. “Is this your wife Mr Overton?” I asked ” She is lovely.”

He took a moment to pull himself together, then he began to speak. Starting from the beginning,  he recounted the moment he first met his Louise, and all the years in between. It was the most romantic love story I had ever heard. They never had children, it just wasn’t meant to be, but they had each other for over Sixty five wonderful years. As he continued to share their story, his expression changed a million times, yet the love in his eyes stayed the same. After a while he went silent. Putting down the picture, he turned to me.

“Let me tell you what happened on Louises last day on this earth. It was a beautiful spring day, so we decided to go for a walk. My Louise was living on  borrowed time according to her doctors. She had a brain  embolism just waiting to let loose. But my Louise wasn’t a quitter, and she wanted to live as if each day was her last. She never gave any  mind to the doctors so off we went on our daily walk. The elevator was out that day so we had to take the stairs. She was kinda winded when we got outside, so we sat on one of the Delis benches and rested”

“My Louise loved the Spring, new beginnings and all. So we sat and looked at the blossoming flowers and the budding trees. Holding her hand, she asked me to tell her again about our first date.. So I began to recount that warm Spring day, but I knew.. before the story was finished she silently slipped away.” Tears were slipping down my cheeks, but I stood quietly and let Mr Overton continue.

“I Didn’t know what to do” he continued “so I finished the story, and then took her in my arms. We sat that way for a long time until it became odvious that there was something wrong. But no one stopped to ask or to try and help. A few people took pictures with their phones, but no one cared. Finally a cop came by and I called out for assistance. He ran right over and called for help.” Drying the tears from his eyes he continued. ” What ever happened to humanity and kindness? My Louise always had faith in people,  but not me, not any more”

My heart was breaking in a thousand pieces as I re- lived Mr Overtons last days with his wife. I couldn’t let him feel he was alone and that no one cared. I  reached over and took his hand in mine, giving it a gentle squeeze. Looking at me like he was seeing me for the first time, so lost in his memories, he cleared his throat and  squeezed my hand in return. “Thank you miss” he whispered. Patting my hand he looked me in the eyes. ” You know, I don’t even know your name, yet here you are. Thank you.” Still choked up I just nodded my head and smiled, I didn’t know what to say. Putting the picture of his wife back on the round table, he turned away and headed for the kitchen chair by the window. Sitting across from him, we silently stared out the window, each lost in our own private thoughts.

Without changing the direction of his stare Mr Overton began to speak again. ” You know young lady, I had a good life. God gave me struggles and hardships, but he also gave be wonderful blessings, especially my Louise. Now that she’s gone…” Reaching over I lay my hand on his arm. Turning his head he looked at me  . ” Young lady, would you be willing to take an old man for a walk on a warm spring day?” Jumping for a chance to do something, anything for this dear man, I immediately agreed. Grabbing his light weight jacket, I helped him slip it on and we headed out the door. After a short ride on the elevator, a tucked his hand in the crook of my arm and we began our walk.

The sun was warm and there was a gentle breeze as we slowly worked our way to the park. The trees now had their new spring leaves and the flowers were in bloom,  Daffidil’s , tulips and  hydrangeas, among others. Every so often Mr Overton would point out a paricular flower, or a special memory that he and his  Louise shared from the many times they took this very same walk over the years. Spotting the park bench across from the pond, we sat down and watched a pair of swans with their babies glide across the water. Mr Overton seemed very quiet, so taking his hand I softly asked if he was ok.  But just kept staring in the distance, his eyes seeing something that I couldn’t. “Mr Overton?” I repeated. “Louise…” he whispered. Reaching out his hand as if to take hers, a warm glow emenated from his body as his arm slowly dropped, and he slumped down on the bench.

“Mr Overton!” I cried out shaking him gently. “Mr Overton?” Not knowing what to do next, I just sat there for a moment, knowing in my heart he was gone, his Louise came to get him. Tears flowed steadily down my cheeks as I mourned my new friend, but at the same time rejoiced at his reunion with his one and only love. Taking my phone out of my pocket, I dialed 911, then sat back and waited. Feeling a little numb, I closed my eyes. I must of fallen asleep because there standing before me was Mr Overton and his Louise, holding hands and  exuding such warmth and love.

“Thank you Young lady for your kindness. You restored the faith of humanity in a grumpy old man.” Looking over at his wife with undeniable love, they softly smiled at each other, then turned back to me. “In my apartment is a black box I have hidden under the photo table. The key to the box is behind the picture of Louise. Take the box and it’s  contents as a  small token of my appreciation.” And with that being said, they faded away from sight.

Feeling a gentle shake on my shoulder,  I opened my eyes to see the police and the EMS people working on Mr Overton.

“Are you alright miss ?” The officer inquired. “Yes sir” I answered. About an hour latter, with questions finished, and Mr Overtons body taken away, I slowly made my way back to his apartment. Letting myself in I stood in the doorway for a moment, feeling like an intruder on sacred ground. Walking to the picture table, I got down on the floor and lifted the blue table cloth. Just where Mr Overton said it would be was the black metal box. Reaching for it I slid it out from under the table and held it in my lap. Standing, I placed the box on the couch and reached for the picture of Louise. Opening up the back of the frame, I removed the key that was taped to the inside, then carefully put the frame back together. Dropping the key into my pants pocket, I found a plastic bag and placed the box inside. Locking up the apartment door, I briefly filled in the doorman as to the recent events and handed him the apartment keys.

That night , sitting alone in my darkened apartment, I went over in my head the days events. Such a strange day I kept thinking, wondering if wasn’t just a very vivid dream. But, there on my coffee table sat the black metal box and a small key in my pocket. I somehow knew that whatever was in that box, once revealed would change my life forever. But I wasn’t ready  quite yet.. my life had been changed enough for one day. And if nothing else, I learned something that I’d never forget.

People and life aren’t meant to just be looked at and observed. We are meant to interact and share, love and learn. Everyone has a story, with lessons to share  and lessons to learn.

Love is eternal, and once given never really goes away as it continues to go around and around, passing from person to person, paying it forward, over and over again. And all it takes to start the cycle of love is simply a smile, a kind word, a selfless deed for someone in need, a hug.

Reguardless of how things may seem now, I truly believe in humanity, in love… one kindness at a time.






Prompt 2.26

“…the dark has eyes to recognize its own” David Whyte

The veil of night blankets the land in inky darkness. Nothing can penetrate the wall of black, not sound, not light… nothing

Yet off in the distance. a flash of twin red eyes blinks twice, moments pass, another flash several feet away blinks in response.

And so it begins, the rythm of the darkness,  as each nefarious monster calls out to its mate, recognizing its own unique kind, flashing its answering call.

One after the other, their eyes glow red, beating almost rhythmically, a symphony of evil, a dance of melicious intent. Faster, brighter,  the flashing continues until it crescendos….. STOP!

The rising sun wipes away the sins of the night before. But as they wander down the street, living their daily lives, the recognition still  exists.. with a flash of red eyes.

Prompt 2.25

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart” – William Wordsworth

To whom it may concern, and I can only pray that indeed there is some concern, I would like to share with you what’s in my heart.  “And just who are you?” you may ask. ” Me? I’m one of millions who live in this country, have lived here all of my life. I come from a long line of many different  immigrants, from many different countries and nationalities. My ancestors helped to make this country what it was. I’m pretty sure those that have passed would be ” Turning in their graves” to see what this country has become, and in such a short amount of time. I have never seen such pervasive evil, started by one man, and spreading like wildfire amongst his  delusional followers.

Growing up in the sixties and seventies, I saw predudice, but I was too young to really understand. As time passed, I still saw predudice, but I also began to see people fighting to make a change. Love, acceptance and tolerance were taking hold, and more people were joining the fight, and more positive changes were being made. Prejudices in all forms started to become unacceptable, many more types of peoples were granted the rights they deserved under our constitution, and under a moral code that the USA used to have. Right up until this past year, the strides we had made as a human race, and a country,  was something to be proud of. We still had a ways to go, but we had come so far.

But now, one man and his band of demons has created an atmosphere of hate, cruelty, and intolerance, and it breaks my heart. It’s so painful to know this is the world our children have to live in for now. But on the other hand, where there is great evil there is always great good. For as the number of misguided souls is growing, another group of enlightened souls is growing as well. And in my heart of hearts, I truly believe goodness and love will always win out over Hate and evil. We the people will not allow this country to go back to what it was. We have tasted the joy of acceptance for all, we have enjoyed the victory of winning the battles for the rights many have fought to attain. We will not back slide now. Today we can fight stronger and harder than ever before  because we are angry and not willing to give up all we have fought so hard to gain. Our warriors will wage war, our enlightened ones will spread love and messages of hope, and together we will reunite this country and be greater than ever before.

I have faith in what we can become, I believe in the innate goodness of the citizens of America, and I believe this is one war we WILL win, one battle at a time. The evil will be defeated because… love. After all, we are truly one race.. HUMAN. We are souls made by love, meant to live in love.. and we will.